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Technological trends brought about by the use of software in mega systems.

The developments in digital technology over the last 30 years have brought advancements in many large organizations to automate and computerized operations gradually. Growth has been made possible by integrating different solutions designed to cater to small parts of the organizations’ processes. These solutions form the mega systems.

For large, complex organizations, it has led to a landscape with several computing solutions. These organizations include healthcare organizations, defense organizations, and power companies, among many others. The use of these technological systems provides two benefits; digital connectivity to everyone, everything, and anything anywhere and at any time and digital data analysis with various tools. These technological trends include;

We have increased the data collection of our lives

If you have been conservative in your daily activities, it is easy to see how we are continuously leaving behind data trails. In almost every activity today, from chatting with friends, online streaming music, and even making payments, a digital crumb is left behind. This increased information collection of our lives gets our personal information exposed and prone to many hazards such as hacking and identity theft. Today you can even easily access any piece of information about anyone. With one click of a button on a social media platform, you can acquire someone’s contact and address information. However, this mega system outcome does have its benefit, especially in defense companies. The companies can easily track culprits due to the information spill behind.

Internet of things and development of innovative devices

The internet of things incorporates every device that connects to an internet source. These devices are collecting information and sharing that data with other forms of themselves. What is scary about this advancement is these devices are functioning without the need for any human intervention. Mega systems have made it possible to automate practically anything. While operating a car, all you will be required to do is input your destination, then sit back and enjoy the ride. Our homes are no exception either. We already own innovative products such as television sets and personal assistants like Alexa.

Rise of artificial intelligence (AI)

Computerized devices can learn the same way a human does, resulting in massive data and computing power increases. The incredible data explosion has allowed the AI to advance so quickly over the last couple of years. The AI becomes more accurate and quicker when more information runs through it. The advancement of this technology has enabled computers to undertake more human tasks such as facial recognition in security management. When you operate a website such as youtube over time, the site shows you suggestions of videos you enjoy even before clicking the search button. The development of AI systems is threatening the use of human labor. Many factories are replacing workers with computerized systems that are proving more efficient. There has been an increased level of unemployment. When you come to think of it, this AI system seems like our own replacement. From another point of view, more intelligent machines can do more for us. They can perform more processes, decisions, functions, and automation is possible. To summarize, in this area machines are taking over dull, dear, dangerous and dirty industries.

Technology interaction

The way we interact with technology has changed dramatically over the years, and the change is still in progress. With help from smartphones and other devices, you can carry out a wide range of tasks at any place and time. A study conducted showed that by 2016 processes in that year outnumbered the web usage of traditional computers. Mobile phone devices are also proving they can overtake desktop searches. Thanks to these technological advancements, it is possible to communicate directly to your device. Some applications, such as Siri, are accessed by using voice searches.

The technologies integrated into in-office security systems, cars, and even houses. Sometime back, you could never have imagined yourself having a direct conversation with your device. Virtual reality development is the next step towards innovation and transforming business interaction with customers. Virtual reality has only been in use in the gaming industry, where players get a chance to experience the feeling of any environment, all from the comfort of their homes. Integrating this technology in businesses will improve the efficiency of service delivery to customers wherever they are. Imagine yourself visiting a shop virtually where you get to view and feel all the products just like in a supermarket and purchasing them at the comfort of your house. Virtual reality will be a revolutionary leap for humanity. Developments are underway, and only a few of us have access to this technology.

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