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The Dangers of Space Debris

With so much talk about space exploration, it’s easy to forget about the space junk around Earth. This debris traveling at incredible speeds poses a significant threat to future missions and space travel.

Space debris, sometimes called space junk, consists of abandoned satellites, spent rocket stages, and other man-made objects orbiting the planet. Most of it doesn’t pose a significant risk, but some pieces can be dangerous. Even tiny objects can cause significant damage because they move so fast.

One example of the dangers of space debris is the damage done to the International Space Station ISS. The ISS has had to change its orbit several times to avoid collisions with space junk. In 2016, the ISS had to maneuver three times in one month to avoid potential impacts. This added stress on the station is concerning, as any significant damage could be catastrophic.

To help combat the problem, scientists have been studying ways to remove space junk around Earth. One proposed solution is to use lasers to vaporize the debris. Another idea is to use robotic arms to capture and remove objects.

Regardless of the solution, it’s important to address the issue of space debris. With the number of satellites and other objects in space increasing every year, finding a solution is critical to the future of space exploration and the safety of astronauts.

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