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Some Of The Best Dive Resorts In Cebu.

Cebu diving has a lot of dive resorts to meet every person’s needs, and the sites can be visited via a live board. This place offers diving throughout the year but the best time is between January and May. Cebu offers a variety of diving sites and they include:

Mactan island

This place is easily accessible from the airport, and it’s the best spot for those tourist who want to dive as soon as they touch down. It has several features such as tuna, barracuda, surgeon and squirrelfish and hard tree corals.

Malapusca Island

It’s the best for beginners and t also has a number of dive schools. The other place is Pescador Island which is in the west coast of Cebu, and it has variety of marine life such as lionfish, anemones and corals.


It’s perfect for well experienced divers because it has strong currents. Apo Island is another site and it the best place for those tourist who want a full guided tour

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