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How Do Eye Glasses Work?

Have you ever wondered how eye glasses work? Well, it all starts with something called eye lenses. Everyone’s eyes have lenses that help to focus the light that enters them. When these lenses do not work properly, it can result in blurry vision. That’s where eye glasses come in.

Eye glasses have lenses that either converge or diverge the light as it enters the eyes, correcting the focusing problem. The lenses in glasses are usually made of glass or plastic, and come in a variety of strengths, or prescriptions.

The prescription of the glasses is determined by an eye exam from a licensed optometrist. During the exam, the optometrist uses various lenses to measure the curvature of the eye and determine the strength of the prescription needed to correct the vision.

Once the prescription is determined, the glasses are made with the appropriate lenses. These lenses are then fitted into a frame that sits on the bridge of the nose and rests on the ears.

Whether you need glasses for nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism, the eye lenses in glasses work to correct your vision and allow you to see the world around you with clarity. So the next time you put on your glasses, remember the important role that the eye lenses play in helping you see clearly.

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