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Red Eye Contacts: What You Should Know

If you’re looking to add a spooky touch to your Halloween costume, red eye contacts may seem like an ideal choice. However, before you choose to wear them, it’s essential to learn about what they are, how to wear them correctly, and the safety issues that may arise.

Red eye contacts are contact lenses that make your eyes appear red. They are frequently used as part of a costume or makeup look. These lenses are different from regular contacts because they cover the sclera – the white part of your eye. This process will blend the natural white color of your eye with red, creating a dramatic effect. It’s important to note that these lenses may obstruct your vision and shouldn’t be worn while driving or operating machinery.

If you’re considering wearing red eye contacts, it is crucial to get a prescription from an eye specialist, even if you don’t usually wear contacts. Eye doctors will assess your eyes and ensure that you’re a suitable candidate for red eye contacts. You’ll also learn how to properly fit, clean and wear them.

While wearing red eye contacts, it’s crucial to avoid swapping or sharing them with others because of the risk of eye infections. It’s also important to remove and clean them before and after use, following the instructions you received from your eye doctor.

If you’re planning to wear red eye contacts, always prioritize your eye safety. It’s best to get a prescription and follow proper instructions to avoid any unwanted eye problems. Have a spooky, but safe, Halloween.

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