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Employee Drug Testing Brisbane

When it comes to Employee Drug Testing Brisbane, employers and authorities can choose from several methods. These vary according to state and federal legislation, as well as individual companies’ discretion. In addition to random testing, several drug kits that employers may choose to implement. These kits include, amongst other things, kits for marijuana, heroin, amphetamines, cocaine and ecstasy, inhalants, sedatives, and some forms of prescription medications. The cost of such kits is usually not exorbitant. However, some employers have expressed concerns that they are not meeting legal requirements and could be subject to substantial fines if employees fail to appear for their drug test. It is, therefore, necessary to implement those testing mechanisms and tools that are approved by the authorities. Employers are typically quite eager to get drug and substance testing done for their employees since it is often seen to ensure the health and safety of their businesses and employees.

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