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3 Steps To Choose The Right Hinges For Your Gate

Gates are an important part of any self-respecting property, and self-closing hinges help to keep the gate securely closed. Selecting the right self closing hinge for your needs can be a daunting task, but this article will give you 3 simple steps to follow to make the process much simpler.

The first step is examining what type of gate you have. If it is a swing gate, then you will need hinges that close automatically when swung shut (such as self-closing garage door hinges).

The second step involves figuring out where on the property your gate resides; if it’s in front of your home or business, then consider installing self-closing pedestrian gates with automatic doors instead.

Finally, decide how tall your fence is. If it is taller than 12 feet, self-closing hinges are not recommended as they could cause the gate to slam shut and become damaged.

In conclusion, self closing gate hinges are effective at automatically self-closing gates. However, they may not be recommended for taller gates or front entry/exit points due to the impact of gravity when swinging shut on their own.

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