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The Pedometer Challenge: 3 Simple Steps For A Healthy New Year

The pedometer challenge is a great way to keep track of how many steps you take in a day and help motivate other people. This article will discuss the pedometer challenge, what it is, why it’s important for your health, and 3 simple steps that can help you get started on your new year resolution today!

1) The pedometer challenge begins by counting all of the steps taken throughout the course of one day.

2) It’s important to note that pedometers are not 100% accurate, so there should be some margin for error when taking this measurement.

3) If you want to make sure that these measurements are as accurate as possible, try wearing two pedometers at once and looking at their readings when you’re having a sedentary day, such as watching TV.

The pedometer challenge is an easy way to ensure that your activity levels remain high throughout the new year and can help motivate yourself or other people to accomplish their fitness goals!

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