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Why You Need A Registered Migration Agent For Canada

Do you know about registered migration agent for Canada? A migration agent is a person registered with the federal government of Canada. They are qualified to sponsor immigrants, refugees, spouses, and children under 18 to become permanent residents in Canada. That sounds like it’s worth looking into!

What can I expect from these agents?

With the help of a registered agent, you can answer all your questions and concerns.
They will:
– Provide information about immigration to Canada, including processing times and application forms. They also provide advice on visa requirements and eligibility criteria.
– Discuss different options for immigrating to Canada, such as becoming a permanent resident or temporary worker under the skilled worker class (Express Entry). Other workers that could be eligible include those who work in certain occupations listed as ‘skilled’ by Human Resources

Development Canada (HRSDC). These are professions with high demand with a low unemployment rate, usually because they require postsecondary education or training recognized by HRSDC or Canadian employers.
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