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Why Are Indian Restaurants So Popular?

People love to eat at Indian restaurants because of the variety of food choices. Indian cuisine is heavily influenced by geography, culture, and religion. This has resulted in diverse foods, flavors (sweet or spicy), ingredients, and eating styles. Indian Restaurants are famed for their culinary delights and their colorful décor, exotic name, and extensive menu.

Indian restaurants offer dishes like Tandoori Chicken, Chana Masala (Chickpeas Curry), Mughlai (Mixed Vegetables), Pulao, Malai Kofta (Cheese Dumplings), Tikka Masala (Marinated Chicken in Cream Sauce), to name a few. Also, each Indian state has its traditional cooking style, which adds to the huge variety on offer. You can try mouth-watering Indian cuisine offering Kashmiri (Pumpkin), Gujarati (Green beans and Potatoes), Rajasthani (Mint and Cilantro Curry), Punjabi (Ginger and Garlic Gravy), and so on.

Apart from the variety, people love to eat at Indian restaurants because of its high nutritional value, as most dishes are cooked using only vegetable oil or butter with very minimal use of cream, eggs, or sugar. Indian food is typically served with lentils such as dal, vegetables such as daal, korma, or curry, and salad, chutney, and rice.

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