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Who Is George Friedman?

George Friedman is an American economist, author, and geopolitical analyst. He is the founder and chairman of Geopolitical Futures, a global analysis company. He has written extensively on international affairs and geopolitics, and his work has been published in numerous newspapers and magazines around the world. In this piece, we will take a closer look at George Friedman’s life and work.

Friedman was born in Budapest, Hungary and immigrated to the United States as a young boy. He attended college at City College of New York and then went on to earn his Ph.D. from Cornell University in International Relations & Military Strategy. After completing his doctoral degree, Friedman served for two decades as an analyst for the US government before founding Geopolitical Futures in 2015.

Since then, Friedman has written several books on geopolitics, including “The Next Decade” and “Flashpoints: The Emerging Crisis in Europe” which both explore possible outcomes of various current events around the world and their implications on future global affairs. He is also a frequent guest lecturer at universities around the country where he shares his insights on geopolitics and the future of global politics.

George Friedman is an expert in geopolitics and the founder of Geopolitical Futures. With a background in government work and a plethora of books on the subject, George Friedman has established himself as an authoritative voice when it comes to understanding the current state of global affairs and predicting what may come in the future. His expertise on geopolitics makes him an invaluable asset to both scholars and laymen alike who are looking for reliable information about the ever-changing geopolitical landscape.

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