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Which Site Feedback Tool Is Right For Your Business?

Many people wonder which site feedback tool to use for their website. Several options include Usabilla, Survicate, and GetFeedback. Let’s take a look at some of these options to help you decide which one is right for you. And if you still can’t choose, here are some of the benefits of each tool. In addition to gaining valuable insight, these tools can also improve your site’s user experience.


If you’re looking for a site feedback tool that can effectively capture customer feedback, Usabilla is a solid option. It enables enterprises to gather feedback from a variety of sources, capturing the context of the conversation as well as the source. In addition, the ability to respond to customer needs can increase revenue and stimulate growth, as satisfied customers are more likely to spend more money and recommend your business to their friends. However, Usabilla isn’t cheap, so if your organization isn’t ready to commit to this service, there are a variety of alternatives available.

A similar site feedback tool is BlockSurveys, which displays a feedback form after many videos have been viewed. Usabilla In-Page Feedback lets you create detailed conditional surveys that respond to user responses. The software comes in a customizable feedback widget, ensuring that your feedback fits seamlessly into your website. It’s easy to use, and it can be easily integrated into your website.


If you’re interested in using the Survicate site feedback tool, you’re right. The company’s NPS and survey tools offer many features and fit nicely into your current tech stack. With access to customer feedback from across the web and mobile apps, you can use this site feedback tool to act on these insights, improve your product or service, and grow your business. A free plan will allow you to conduct 100 surveys per month, and you can use as many channels as you need. In addition, there are numerous native integrations for your website that will allow you to make even more effective use of this tool.

Another useful feature of the Survicate site feedback tool is its integration with popular tools like Typeform, Google Analytics, and Salesforce. The Basic plan is free but has a limit of 25 responses a month, and paid plans start at $65 per month. The Feedback Button can be displayed on any page, at any time, and you can customize the questions and prompts for each visitor. You can also send responses to email or Slack channels to further analyze their sentiments.


The GetFeedback site feedback tool is an easy-to-use tool for collecting feedback from website visitors. Whether you use a floating button or a pop-up form, it makes it easy for survey participants to share their feedback. It also offers powerful features for complex surveys, including conditionality. Overall, GetFeedback is a great choice for any website. However, it is not as cheap as its competitors, which is unfortunate given its many advantages.

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