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What You Need To Know About Community Corrections

Community corrections are a type of sentencing that allows offenders to serve their time outside of prison. This can include things like probation, house arrest, or community service. Community corrections are often seen as a more lenient option than prison, and they can be very helpful in reducing overcrowding in prisons. There are also many other benefits to community corrections, which we will discuss in this article.

One of the main advantages of community corrections is that it often allows offenders to have more freedom than they would in prison. Offenders may be able to work and attend school or receive treatment for any underlying issues, such as substance abuse or mental health problems. This can help them stay out of trouble when they are released from probation or other forms of community supervision.

In addition, community corrections can provide offenders with a sense of responsibility and accountability. This is due to the fact that they are monitored more closely than they would be in prison, which encourages them to take ownership of their actions and stay out of trouble.

Finally, community corrections can also help reduce recidivism rates by providing offenders with job training, education and other resources that can help them successfully re-enter society. This includes helping offenders find employment opportunities in the community, connecting them with social services they may need, and providing supervision to ensure they remain compliant with their probation or parole conditions.


In conclusion, community corrections is an important tool in the criminal justice system. It helps reduce prison overcrowding and costs while providing a safer environment for offenders to transition back into society. Community Corrections Ann Arbor

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