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What Is An Industrial Water Chiller?

An industrial water chiller is a piece of equipment used to cool liquids or gases. The machine cools the liquid or gas and then distributed to the appropriate places. There are many different types of industrial water chillers, but they share the same basic purpose- to cool things down.

One of the most common applications for an industrial water chiller is manufacturing. Many factories use large machines to produce products, and these machines generate a lot of heat. If this heat isn’t dissipated, it can cause problems with the machinery and lead to shortened lifespans. A water chiller can help to keep everything running smoothly by cooling down the heated areas.

Another common application for a water chiller is in the HVAC industry. When buildings are being designed, the architects have to consider the cooling requirements of the occupants. If the building will have a lot of electronic equipment or people working in it, then it will need a more powerful cooling system. A water chiller can be used to supplement or even replace the standard AC unit.

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