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What is a SFC License?

A SFC license is an official document issued by the Securities and Futures Commission SFC of Hong Kong. It allows firms to conduct regulated activities in Hong Kong’s securities and futures market. This includes dealing in securities, advising on securities, providing automated trading services, asset management, and more.

How Do I Get a SFC License?

To obtain an SFC license, firms must submit detailed information to the regulator such as business plans, financial statements and other documents that demonstrate their suitability for conducting activities within the scope of the license. The application process also requires applicants to show that they have adequate procedures in place to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A SFC License?

Having an SFC license demonstrates that a firm is qualified to provide financial services in accordance with local regulations. It also provides clients with assurance that their investments are safe as firms can only conduct regulated activities if they possess a valid license from the regulator. Additionally, having a valid license may lead to increased confidence from investors which could result in greater profits for businesses operating under this type of authorization.


A valid SFC license can be beneficial for businesses looking to operate within Hong Kong’s securities and futures markets as it shows regulators that they are qualified professionals who abide by local regulations while providing clients with assurance regarding the safety of their investments.

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