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What Is A Parking Garage Lifting System?

A Parking Garage Lifting System is a revolutionary new way to maximize the number of cars that can be stored in any given space. Developed by engineering firm CarLift Solutions, this system uses an advanced vertical platform lift to store vehicles vertically rather than horizontally, enabling multiple levels of parking without taking up additional ground-level space. This reduces the amount of land needed for parking and opens up more usable areas for other purposes.

The system is composed of two main components: a lifting platform and an overhead storage unit. The lifting platform raises each car one level at a time, creating multiple tiers of stacked parking spaces within the same area. Once all cars are placed in their designated tier, they are held securely in place with locking posts to ensure maximum safety and stability. The overhead storage unit holds all necessary equipment, such as power supply cables, lighting fixtures, and cameras for surveillance purposes.

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