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What Is A Jet Ski Impeller?

A jet ski impeller is a device that creates propulsion for the “jet skis” or “personal watercraft.” They work by pulling a large amount of water into housing, then forcing the water through a small nozzle. This sends the jet ski forward while throwing spray to either side of it. A Jet ski impeller can be thought of as a sort of large, hand-held axel.

“What is an impeller?”

An impeller is a spinning wheel inside an engine that draws in fluid for the engine to use. The word “impeller” comes from the same root as “impel” and can be generally used to describe any kind of wheel or cog designed to push fluid along through a pipe. For example, a jet ski drives its water using two rotating wheels, one on each side of its top and forcing water into them before propelling it out at high speed.

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