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What is a GDPR EU Representative?

The GDPR EU Representative is a mandatory requirement under the EU General Data Protection Regulation GDPR for companies not based in the European Union but processing personal data of individuals living in the EU. This representative must be appointed to act on behalf of the company with regards to its compliance with the GDPR. The representative is a point of contact for data subjects and supervisory authorities for any GDPR-related matters.

The GDPR EU Representative must be located in one of the EU member states where the data subjects are located. It can be an individual or an organization that must be authorized to represent the company on GDPR compliance matters. They should be easily accessible and readily available to data subjects and supervisory authorities.

The appointment of a GDPR EU Representative demonstrates that a company takes data protection seriously and ensures that they are fully complying with GDPR provisions in relation to EU data subjects. Failure to appoint a GDPR EU Representative or any failure in their duties can result in enforcement action and significant fines.

The GDPR EU Representative is an important and necessary requirement for companies dealing with personal data related to individuals living in the EU. It ensures that these companies are taking the necessary steps to protect individuals’ data and comply with GDPR provisions.

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