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What Happens After Death?

The question of what happens after death has been asked since humans have had the capacity for thought. In many religions, there are specific beliefs about what follows death. In some, such as Christianity, there is belief in a final judgment which will determine whether the person goes to heaven or hell—two places believed to be self-evident once you die and realize where you end up! Buddhism sees other kinds of rebirths until one achieves Nirvana, while Islam holds that all non-believers go to hell until Allah determines their fate based on how good a life they led. Hinduism has quite a different set of ideas from any of these, while Zoroastrians believe that the time after death is a time of great joy.

So what do scientists believe about what happens after death? Well, the honest answer is that no one really knows. Science has not been able to provide any real answers about what happens when we die, and in fact, much of our current understanding about death is based on religious or spiritual beliefs.

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