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What Are Thread Repair Inserts?

Thread repair inserts are a type of fastener used to repair damaged threads in metal and plastic components. They are made of a strong, corrosion-resistant material such as stainless steel or brass and come in various sizes, shapes, and lengths. The inserts fit into the existing hole of the component and can be tightened with a screwdriver or other tool. This allows for an easy fix without having to replace the entire component.

How Do Thread Repair Inserts Work?

Thread repair inserts work by filling in any gaps between the threads of a damaged part or hole. When inserted into the existing hole, they expand outward against the walls of that hole creating a secure fit that will not come loose over time. The insert also helps prevent future damage by providing reinforcement for the threads surrounding it. Additionally, they help to reduce friction when two parts need to be connected together with screws or bolts as they provide an even surface area for both parts to connect securely without slipping apart easily due to wear and tear on either part’s threading over time.

Benefits Of Thread Repair Inserts

There are many benefits associated with using thread repair inserts including cost savings, faster installation times, improved performance and durability when compared to replacing components entirely which can be expensive if there is no guarantee that it will last longer than before due to wear-and-tear from repeated use over time.

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