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What Are Sclera Contacts Yellow?

Sclera contacts yellow are a type of contact lenses that cover the entire eye, from the white of the eye the sclera to the colored part. They are designed to give a dramatic effect, often used in theatrical performances or Halloween costumes. They can also be used for medical purposes, such as correcting vision problems or covering scars on the eyes.

How Do Sclera Contacts Yellow Work?

Sclera contacts yellow work by covering up your natural eye color and replacing it with a bright yellow hue. The lenses are made from a special material that is safe for use on eyes and provides good oxygen transmission so your eyes don’t get dry or irritable while wearing them. The lenses are usually fitted by an optometrist who will take measurements of your eyes and create a custom fit for you.

Benefits of Wearing Sclera Contacts Yellow

The main benefit of wearing sclera contacts yellow is that they can provide an entirely new look in just minutes. They can be used to create unique characters and looks that would otherwise be difficult to achieve with makeup alone. Additionally, they offer protection from dust and debris that may enter your eyes when you wear regular contact lenses or glasses. This makes them ideal for people who work in dusty environments like construction sites or factories where regular eyewear might not provide adequate protection against debris entering their eyes.

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