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Western Union Money Flip – The Global Currency Of The World

Western Union Money Flip is an international money transfer service that provides a secure and reliable way to send funds worldwide. Western Union was founded in 1851. Over 150 years later, it has become the global currency of choice for people to use when transferring money across borders. Money Flip is available in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide, with access via or WesternUnion Agents.

Why is this important?

WesternUnion is the service that helps people get money where it needs to go. WesternUnion also has a mobile app for Apple and Android devices, making it even easier to transfer funds with MoneyFlip on your phone wherever you are in the world.

– You can send up to $3000 each day (depending on location) via WesternUnion Quick Cash
– Sending limit of around 309 Euros per transaction depending on country (you may be able to increase this amount by verifying identity or residency)
– Transaction fee depends on how much money you’re sending and which services you use – see WesternUnion’s website for more details about specific costs associated with MoneyFlip
– Fast & easy way to make international transfers

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