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Types Of Chlorine For Pools

Types of chlorine for pools can be divided into two categories: free and combined. Free chlorine is the most common type used in pools, and it is made up of three elements: hydrogen, oxygen, and chlorine. Combined chlorine is a mixture of these three elements, and it is usually more potent than free chlorine. It’s important to note that both types of chlorine are effective at killing bacteria and keeping your pool clean.

There are three types of chlorine that are used in most pools: tablet, granular and liquid. Tablet chlorine is the most common type and is broken down into small pieces that dissolve in water. Granular chlorine is made up of small grains and will not dissolve as readily as tablet chlorine, but it has a longer shelf life and can be more effective at killing bacteria and viruses. Liquid chlorine is also available in both tablet and granular forms and is considered to be the most effective type against bacteria and viruses.

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