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Turkish Tea Maker: Cleaning Tips

The Turkish tea maker is a fantastic device that can be used to make delicious Turkish tea quickly and easily. However, it’s not just the tea that you will want to enjoy with this little machine! You should also clean it regularly to keep your Turkish tea maker in pristine condition. This blog post provides tips on how to best care for your tea maker so you can enjoy years of delicious teas without worry!

Keep Your Turkish Tea Maker Clean

After making your favorite drink, don’t let leftover water and old leaves get stuck inside the pot or filter basket. If they sit too long, mold may start growing and ruin the taste of future brews. To avoid this, try a cleaning schedule.

A Quick Cleaning Method

If you don’t have time for a deep cleaning session, here’s an easy method to sanitize and freshen up your machine: put water and white vinegar in equal parts inside of the pot and turn it on until boiling without any tea leaves inside. When finished, let cool completely before refilling with fresh water and tea leaves as needed.

How Often You Should Clean It

Turkish teas can get moldy or stained depending on how much tea you make and what kind of leaves you use. You should clean them as often as needed to avoid this. If your pot is made out of stainless steel with a mesh filter inside, take it apart after finishing brewing for the best results.

To conclude, a Turkish tea maker is a great and traditional way to make tea. It’s recommended that you clean it frequently for best results, and if possible, take apart the mesh filter every time after finishing brewing!

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