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Toxic Birth Defects: What You Need To Know

Congenital disabilities are a scary thing. No one wants to think about their child being born with a problem, but the fact is that birth defects happen all the time. Some birth defects are caused by genetics, while environmental factors cause others.

Toxic birth defects are caused by exposure to toxic substances during pregnancy. These substances can be found in many places, including:

– Medications

– Alcohol

– Illegal drugs

– Cigarette smoke

– Pesticides

– Heavy metals

Every day, babies are born with toxic birth defects. A variety of factors can cause these defects. If you are pregnant, you must take steps to avoid these toxins as much as possible.

Some toxic birth defects can be prevented by avoiding exposure to toxic substances. However, many toxic birth defects cannot be prevented. If you are pregnant and have been exposed to toxic substances, there is a risk that your baby could be born with a birth defect.

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