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Three Facts About Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic massage Melbourne: Lymphatic massage is an ancient technique that has been around for centuries. It’s a type of drainage that can improve the lymph system and reduce swelling in the body. Today, lymphatic massaging is becoming more popular as people seek natural ways to manage their health. There are many benefits associated with lymphatic massage, which we will discuss below…

Three Facts about Lymphatic Massage:

1) Lymph fluid contains white blood cells and other things needed by tissues throughout your body
2) When you exercise or have sex, you push lymph fluid into different areas of your body, causing inflammation
3) The lymph nodes act like filters removing bacteria from the lymph
Lymphatic massage is a type of massage which aims to reduce lymphatic fluid build-up by manipulating lymph nodes. The lymph system drains the body’s excess fluids, including lymph, through the nodes and into the bloodstream. Lymphatic massage is an excellent way to combat water retention, leading to weight gain, cellulite, and other side effects.

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