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Things To Do On Your Machu Pichu Tours

When you visit Machu Pichu, there are many activities to do on Your Machu Pichu Tours and sights to take in. There are a few must-dos for any traveler to the area.

1. Explore the ruins of the Incan city: Spend time exploring the vast expanse of this ancient city and marvel at its architectural feats from hundreds of years ago. Walk along the terraces that helped feed much of the region, climb into temples and wander through alleyways that still remain after all these centuries.

2. Climb Huayna Picchu: This iconic peak offers incredible views of Machu Pichu below as well as across the horizon, but it’s also quite a challenging hike! Be sure you’re prepared with the right gear, snacks, and plenty of water.

3. Go on a guided tour: Take an informative guided tour to learn more about the history and culture of Machu Pichu and its people. During your tour, get close-up views of the ruins and learn more about the Incan Empire from the experts who know all about it.

4. Shop in the local markets: While you’re in Machu Pichu, visit some of the local markets for authentic souvenirs or specialties, such as colorful textiles and traditional jewelry made by artisans in the area. It’s a great way to support locals while taking home a piece of this amazing place with you!

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