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The Toxic Workplace Checklist

The toxic workplace checklist is a list of behaviors and attitudes that often lead to toxic environments. Many people who work in toxic workplaces don’t realize that they’re in one or may not know how to get out. Toxic workplaces can be dangerous for your mental health and career. This article provides three ways you can spot toxic behavior and signs it might be time to leave the toxic environment you are currently in.

1) Complaining about everything: If somebody always has something negative to say about everything, this person may have a toxic personality or attitude towards their job and co-workers, which will only continue to grow worse over time.

2) Not taking responsibility for mistakes: Nobody is perfect, but toxic employees are quick to blame others rather than accept their mistakes. If you feel like the toxic person cannot take criticism or work well with other team members, this is a sign of toxic behavior.

3) Toxic work environments often grow from the top down because the boss is usually responsible for creating an unhealthy environment by yelling at employees or treating them poorly.

Toxic workplaces also typically come about when management fails to manage their staff properly. Employees who are left unsupervised can create issues within the company – especially if they feel threatened by other members of staff who get a lot of praise from management.

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