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The New Thing In Fashion: Anti-Trump Clothing

In the wake of Trump’s election, anti Trump clothing has been a trending topic. The anti-Trump movement started with hats and t-shirts that said “Make America Great Again,” Now, it is more about anti-trump clothing. There are various ways to show your disdain for the president whether you live in America or not.

What should I know about this?

Anti-Trump lines are popping up all over the place. Anti-Trump sales have increased since his election, and some anti-trump fashion designers aren’t even American! One of these clothing items is a jacket with “I Don’t Care Do You” on it for $39. The back reads, “let’s make jackets great again.” This anti-Trump shirt comes in black or white with a red heart replacing the word love to show your opposition against President Donald Trump and his administration. It was designed by Mexican artist Lívi Mars who said he wanted to use this to express how people from Mexico feel about Trump.

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