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The Moroccan Runner Rug: Information

Moroccan runner rugs are often used as a decorative pieces for living spaces. They can also be used in the home to provide warmth, comfort, and style. Moroccan runners are unique because they do not have knots or loops on them like traditional rugs. This article will explore information that you need to know about this type of rug!

– The Moroccan runner is made up of wool hand-knotted by craftsmen using mostly natural dyes
– They should measure at least 5×7 feet long to cover most flooring surfaces adequately
– They come in many different colors and designs to choose from
– They are relatively inexpensive. They can be bought for less than $100, depending on size, material, and design. The higher-end can cost up to around $500

The Moroccan runner rug will bring color to any room while adding texture and beauty to your walls.

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