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The Great Escape

Nothing says “bonding” like being locked in a room together. With so many themed rooms to choose from, you’re bound to find one that suits your group’s tastes. Some of our favourites are: – CSI – Your group will be tasked with proving your friend’s innocence after he’s been charged with murder. Only one catch: Your friend is in the room with you. –

The Great Escape: In this room, you’re WWII POWs who have to escape a German prison. Be warned: This room might break the record for most blood spilled at a bucks party. Some groups are known to lose a finger or two. –

The Heist: In this room, your group is tasked with robbing a vault. You must break into the vault and steal money while avoiding lasers, sirens and roving guards. – The Room – Your group is trapped in a room that’s slowly filling with water. You have to try to escape before you drown. – The Attic – You and your group are trapped in an attic and must solve puzzles to escape before you. Know more here.


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