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The Best Toys For Anxiety

Anxiety is a widespread mental health issue that many people face. Toys for Anxiety help those who suffer from Anxiety with calming techniques and other coping mechanisms. Some Best Toys for Anxiety include stress-relieving toys, fidget spinners, weighted blankets, therapy dog plushies, puzzles, books on tape or CDs.

1) What are the benefits of these Best Toys for Anxiety?
These Toys can help reduce symptoms associated with Anxiety, such as increased heart rate and elevated blood pressure.

2) What other Toy uses might there be?
Some people use Dog Plushies to increase socialization skills by taking their pets out into public places that require them to interact with others.

3) How else could Plushies be helpful when it comes to alleviating signs of Anxiety?
Pets have been shown through studies by scientists at Emory University and the Mayo Clinic that owning a pet provides physical and emotional benefits for those who live alone, as well as senior citizens living in nursing homes. A study published in “Social Science & Medicine” found that older adults received an immediate boost from interacting with animals during two consecutive eight-hour days.

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