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The Benefits Of An Assam Tour Package

An Assam tour packages are an excellent way to explore the southern part of India. Assam, meaning “a place near water” in Sanskrit, is a state located on the eastern side of India that borders Myanmar and Bangladesh.

What should I know about this?

Assam has many tourist attractions, such as tea plantations, wildlife sanctuaries, beautiful rivers and lakes, ancient temples, and mosques with intricate carvings. There are also some interesting archaeological sites where you can learn about the history of Assam. Visitors who want to experience Assam culture should visit one or more of its festivals which there are many throughout the year, including Durga Puja (the most famous), Bihu Festival (celebrating spring), and Magh Bihu (celebrating Assam’s harvest). Assam has many National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries for those who enjoy nature, where you can observe wildlife such as elephants, tigers, rhinos, and even the odd leopard.

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