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STI Testing in Men

STDs are not specific to a particular gender. But women bear a higher risk of contracting STDs than males. This is because bacteria develop in the vagina easier than in the penis, and bacterial STDs grow.

We always recommend testing for all of the most common STDs in a male STD test. Of course, some STDs are more common than others, and you may believe there is no way you could have HIV or syphilis, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Because STDs are frequently dormant without symptoms, it’s easy for people to misidentify them or fail to receive proper treatment, all while the STD quietly progresses.

Men notice symptoms easier than their female counter. So while women have discharge regularly and the consistency can vary, discharge in men can indicate that something is wrong. However, men should not rely solely on symptoms to self-diagnose an STD, as most STDs have no symptoms.

If you have been involved in unprotected sex lately, go for a male STD test,  get treated and live healthily.

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