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Spinal Cord Injury Rehab: What You Need To Know

Spinal cord injury (SCI) often leaves the spinal column and cord compromised. After an injury, rehabilitation is key to prevent further dysfunction and reduce secondary complications such as pressure sores, pneumonia, cardiac problems, and more. This article will provide three important points about spinal cord injury rehab.

– First: SCI can be devastating for your family members who may need to help take care of you during critical periods of recovery.

Second: It is important to maintain an adequate intake of fluids to avoid dehydration, leading to other complications like kidney failure or respiratory distress syndrome.

– Third: The sooner you start physical therapy following an injury, the better your chances of recovering feeling and movement

This body part is one of the major communication channels that transfer signals between our brain and the rest of our body, transmitting information about sensation, motor control (movement), and other sensory perceptions like pain or temperature changes.

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