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Specialty Telehealth Services: Everything You Need To Know

Have you heard of Specialty Telehealth Services? They are an innovative way to provide the highest level of care for patients who need it. Specialists can connect with people anywhere globally, so they don’t have to travel long distances or take time off of work!

1) What is this?

Specialty telehealth services or Specialties-at-a-distance are unique in that they use video conferencing to connect with patients. This allows people who need specialized care but don’t have the resources nearby, to receive high-quality treatment without traveling long distances. Specialists can meet with their patients virtually and discuss an ongoing care plan over a secured internet connection.

2) Where is it used?

It has several advantages, including reducing wait times for appointments, saving time and money spent on travel, increasing patient satisfaction because there are no disruptions in work schedules (you can even do this from your bed!), lowering the risk of infection by transporting patients less frequently allowing them to spread germs via car rides.
Consult your professional center for more information.

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