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Six Important Principles of Good Website Design

The success or failure of a website is determined by its usability and utility. Because web visitors are the only people who click the mouse and make the decision themselves, websites need to have user-centric web design Sydney. This article talks about the different principles of good website design:

Making Webpage Self-Explanatory

When making a website for your Sydney business, don’t make users think by getting rid of the question marks. This means making the steps to explore the site obvious. Also, the number of questions may grow if the site navigation and structure are not intuitive, making it more difficult for users to comprehend how your system works and how to get from a page to another. To help lead users to what they are looking for, ensure there is a clear structure, moderate visual clues, and easily recognizable links.

Keeping User Requirements Minimal

If you require less action from users to test a service, there may be more random visitors who will try it out. Keep in mind that first-time visitors tend to be willing to play with the service without filling out long web forms for an account they might not use in the future. Thus, allow your visitors to explore your site and discover your service without forcing them into sharing private data.

Focusing the Attention of Users to Certain Areas of the Site

You must do this by using visual elements moderately to help them get from one point to another without thinking about how it should be done. If visitors have fewer questions, they will be able t have a better sense of orientation and can develop more trust in your company.

Making Available Functions Clear to Visitors

It is important to allow users to see clearly what functions are available. It does not matter how you achieve this. The most important thing is that the content is well-understood and visitors feel comfortable with how they interact with the system.

Using Effective Writing

Ensure to adjust the writing style to the preference and browsing habits of your users. People don’t usually read promotional writing. Also, they will skip long text blocks that have no images and keywords marked in bold or italics as well as ignore exaggerated language.

When writing content for your website, avoid marketing-induced names and unfamiliar technical names. Try to get directly to the point, without cute words or exaggerated statements. Focus only on what your visitors will be looking for. Effective writing is using short and concise phrases, using scannable layout, as well as using plain and objective language.

Keeping It Simple

This must be the main goal of your website design. Users don’t visit a website to enjoy the design. Rather, they will often look for the information despite the design. That is why you must strive for simplicity. For a lot of users, the design website design is pure text, without ads, or content blocks matching their query or the content they are looking for. For good user experience, consider having a user-friendly print-version of web pages.

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