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Services Offered By Tree Surgeon Oxford

A tree surgeon is a professional trained in the care and maintenance of trees. If you live in Oxford and need help caring for your trees, you should consider hiring a tree surgeon. Tree surgeon Oxford offers a wide range of services, including:

1. Pruning – Pruning is removing dead or diseased branches from a tree. Pruning also helps to improve the overall structure and appearance of a tree.

2. Trimming -Trimming is cutting back the branches of a tree to create a desired shape or size.

3. Tree Removal – Tree removal is removing a dead or dying tree from your property.

4. Stump Grinding – stump grinding is the process of grinding down the stump of a tree that has been removed. This is done to prevent the stump from becoming a hazard.

5. Tree Planting – Tree planting is planting a new tree in your yard. Tree surgeons can help you choose the right type of tree for your property and help you with the installation process.

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