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Select Committee Training: The What, Why, And How

What is select committee training? Why do you need it? And how can you make sure that your select committee is properly trained? We will answer all of those questions for you. We’ll start by discussing what these committees are and what they do.

Select committees are an important part of the government. They act as a check on the executive branch and provide oversight of the government’s activities. Select committees are made up of members of Congress who are appointed by the Speaker of the House. The select committees are responsible for investigating matters that fall within its jurisdiction and reporting their findings to the House.

The Select Committee has a vital role in our system of government, and it is essential that they be properly trained. Unfortunately, many of them are not adequately trained, which can lead to problems down the road. Proper training will ensure that your Select Committee understands its responsibilities and knows how to carry out its duties effectively.
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