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Retained Executive Search Firms: What You Need To Know

The client retains a retained executive search firm to provide them with a specific type of candidate. The retained executive search firms will work on behalf of the client and do extensive research to find qualified candidates that meet their needs. These searches are often more intensive than other types because it can take months for retained executives to see what they’re looking for.

What is this about?

When a company has retained an executive search firm, they often look for someone with specific qualifications.

A retained executive is dedicated to the client and will provide exceptional results that can’t be found on job boards or even through referrals from employees of other companies. To see what’s most qualified, retained executives have specific research techniques and candidate databases at their disposal, which allows them to match candidates better than anyone else in the industry. These executives typically work within niche industries, so this means that they’ve cultivated extensive networks within those fields, allowing them to source more suited candidates faster than ever before while saving time for both parties involved.

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