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Podiatry Melton West: Tips For Foot Health

People come to podiatry Melton West for many reasons. The podiatrist may be treating a foot injury, providing orthotics and custom shoes, or helping people with diabetic-related foot problems. No matter why someone comes in, they will leave with an improved sense of foot health!

What should I know about this?

– A Melton West visit will likely include: taking a medical history and performing an exam, discussing what the podiatric diagnosis may be and how it should be treated, offering tips for ongoing foot health in daily life, recommending custom shoes or orthotics if necessary, prescribing treatments to clear up current injuries, providing wound care if needed after surgery, administering shots to alleviate pain from joints that are arthritic or inflamed.

– Melton podiatrists offer a range of services to improve foot health and comfort, from primary care such as podiatry exams to medical procedures.

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