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Planning Your Church Comedy Night

Do you have a church? Then why not plan a Church Comedy Night? The top “clean” stand-up comedians are expert entertainers for almost any sort of church. Stand-up comedy creates a wonderful evening (or day) of joy & community spirit that you and your congregation will appreciate.

Church Comedy Night takes place during any major church conferences or meetings where there is always someone willing to have a great time. It may also be a good time to invite family and friends over to join in on the laughter.

As you’re planning your Comedy Night, be sure to remember to include a few things that can help your guests loosen up and relax. One great thing to do is play a couple of funny songs (with a spiritual theme). This can help to take the stress out of a boring meeting. And if you have a funny video camera, record it! Share the video with everyone, and be sure to record at least a few of your guests. This is a great way to show them in a new light and keep their laughter coming all evening!

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