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Period Panties for those time of the Month

Period panties are exactly what it sounds like: specifically made underwear you wear when you’re menstruating to replace or work in conjunction with tampons and pads. Period panties are similar to underwear in that it comes in various styles.

They are divided into two types: those that may be used primarily as menstrual protection, like a pad would be worn, and those that serve as backups to menstrual cups and tampons.

Most period panties are comprised of cotton, with a bit of nylon or elastane added in for stretch and durability. What matters is the type that fits your need.


Making the right decision is all about personal preference and need. Choose wisely and be comfortable even while your monthly cycles come visiting.


You don’t want to go out there ill-prepared with the wrong panties; the experience is embarrassing, and no woman wants to find herself in such a circumstance.




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