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Oral Sex toys are Secret Weapons

Oral sex toys have been working wonders in the bedroom and can spice up any drab sex life. While some of these toys are more often used to pleasure a woman, they can enhance a man’s fellatio experience. Let’s take a look at the vibrator.

 During oral intercourse, a vibrator can be used to excite a man. You can use a small vibrator to massage the base of his penis or his sensitive perineum area while stroking his penis with your lips and mouth.

The area between the anus and the scrotum (known as the perineum) is particularly sensitive, and most men enjoy having it rubbed manually during oral sex. Using a vibrator instead of a manual massage machine might be an exciting twist.

If you have never had oral sex before, now is the time to go for it with the array of oral sex toys in the market.

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