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Nicotine Withdrawal: How To Survive The First Few Days

Nicotine withdrawal is one of the most challenging aspects of quitting smoking, but with a bit of preparation and patience, you can make it through the first few days. The nicotine withdrawal symptoms can be pretty severe — from headache and nausea to intense cravings and mood swings.

What should I know about this?

Following these simple tips can minimize discomfort and stay on track to becoming a non-smoker.

– First and foremost, withdrawal is not pleasant. Be prepared for some tough days (and nights) ahead.

– Have a plan to deal with nicotine cravings when they hit. Whether taking a walk, popping gum, or eating carrots, have something to do to distract yourself from the urge to smoke.

– Drink plenty of fluids — water, juice, herbal tea — anything that will help your body detoxify itself of nicotine and other toxins.

– Avoid caffeine and alcohol, which can make nicotine withdrawal symptoms worse.

Eat healthy foods as much as possible. A nutritious diet will help your body heal and give you the energy you need to get through this difficult time.

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