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Linguistic Validation Service: Learn More

Linguistic validation is a service offered by Linguistics Validation Service to ensure that the text you have written is understandable and correct. LVS linguists are proficient in many languages, including English, German, French, Spanish, Arabic, and Mandarin Chinese. LVS offers linguistic validation service on a per word basis or as a project-based fee for translation projects. LVS can help translate something from one language into another or provide linguistic validation of your current document so that it’s straightforward to read.

Why is this important?

This service is beneficial in many ways to ensure that the intended audience will understand your text. LVS also offers linguistic training services for companies looking to have their employees quickly learn a new language or refine their skills. LVS can provide customized services, including private lessons and webinars so that you receive precisely what you need when it comes to learning another language. LVS wants to help make sure that people worldwide understand each other clearly through linguistics services and education about languages.
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