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Introducing Mr Kitly Self-Watering Pots

Are you looking for a way to water your plants without having to worry about over-watering or under-watering them? Look no further than Mr Kitly self-watering pots. These innovative pots are designed to keep your plants watered just the right amount.

The Benefits of Mr Kitly Self-Watering Pots

Mr Kitly self-watering pots are easy to use and are great for busy people who don’t have time to constantly water their plants. The pot is filled with water, which is then absorbed by the soil as needed. This ensures that your plants will get the exact amount of moisture they need, without any risk of over or under watering.

In addition, these pots also help reduce the amount of mess created when watering plants manually. With a traditional pot or container, you often end up with excess water spilling onto surfaces and floors – but not with a self-watering pot.

How Does it Work?

Mr Kitly has designed their self-watering pots so that they can be used indoors or outdoors in any climate. The idea behind these clever devices is that there is an internal reservoir at the bottom of each pot which holds enough water for several days worth of watering needs. This reservoir is connected to an overflow pipe which allows excess water to drain away from the plant roots if needed – reducing potential root rot issues caused by overwatering.

Have you tried using Mr Kitly self watering pots yet? They’re perfect for people who always forget to water their plants regularly!

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