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Importance Of Flame Detection Equipment

Employers have a general duty to provide adequate protective equipment for employees exposed to dangers arising out of their employment. Flammable atmospheres are often found in some workplaces such as chemical plants, petrol stations, paint spraying booths, etc. The fire risk is minimized with the installation of Flame Detection Equipment which will detect even the smallest amount of flammable gas/air mixture in the air. When a hazardous atmosphere is detected, Flame Detectors will warn the operator by giving a signal/alarm to take immediate corrective action.

Buildings are considered at risk for fire when flammable materials are found in the area or on equipment. Familiar sources of flammable atmospheres include gasoline, solvents, adhesives, etc. Workers may be exposed to these hazardous conditions during day-to-day activities. This has chemical manufacturers, clean rooms, plating shops, machine shops, and other operations where workers are handling flammable liquids or gases.

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