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How to Treat Athletes Foot

Athletes foot is a common fungal infection that affects the skin on the feet. It can cause itching, burning, and redness of the feet and toes. Fortunately, there are several ways to treat athletes foot.

The first step in treating athletes foot is to keep your feet clean and dry. Wash your feet daily with soap and water, making sure to dry them thoroughly afterward. Wear socks made of natural fibers such as cotton or wool which are more breathable than synthetic materials like nylon or polyester. Change your socks at least once a day, or more if you sweat heavily during exercise or activity.

The second step in treating athletes foot is to apply an antifungal cream or ointment directly onto the affected area of skin on your feet twice daily for at least two weeks. These products can be purchased over-the-counter from most pharmacies without a prescription from a doctor. You may also want to spray antifungal powder into your shoes each time you put them on as an extra precaution against further infection spreading throughout the shoe itself.

Finally, it’s important that you continue with treatment for at least two weeks after all symptoms have disappeared so you can ensure that any remaining fungus has been killed off completely and won’t return again later on down the line when treatment has stopped too soon before all signs of infection have gone away entirely from your skin and shoes alike.

If you want to learn how to treat athletes foot, make sure to apply antifungal cream twice daily and wash your feet with soap and water every day.

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