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How to Start Working for Napa Court Reporting Services

Whether you’re an experienced court reporter or a novice who is just getting started in the industry, there are plenty of job opportunities in this growing field for people of all skill levels. Courts are busy. They’re also productive. Judges and juries are hearing more cases than ever. Depositions and on-the-record hearings are filling the dockets. If you are hoping to find a job with Napa court reporting services, you’ll need to make sure you sell yourself with your resume and be prepared to interview well.

First, your resume needs to showcase all of your experience and education. Highlight special skills you have and include information on how you’re continuing your education and keeping up with changes in the field. The resume will get you an interview, at which point you’ll have the opportunity to talk about any special skills you may possess or why you think you’re uniquely qualified for a specific position.

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